Gillingham Spiritualist Church

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Light, Nature, Truth
Please remember to book early for our private readings, First saturday of every month. Deposit of £3 required in advance.
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Thank you for visiting our site. May you be blessed with Love, Light and Happiness

This page contains the different ways you can contact us if you need to.

For information concerning the church or to contact the church please use any of the methods listed here.

Gillingham SNU Spiritualist Church

177 Cantrbury street

Gillingham ME7 5TU

Telephone :- 01634 576186

E-Mail :-

If you wish to have an entry made in the Book of Remembrance or the Absent Healing Book please use the contact boxes below selecting the correct drop down menu and complete details.

We have also included Google maps for anyone who has not visited before and would like to do so.

May we also at this time Thank you for visiting our site, We look forward to seeing you soon.

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