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Light, Nature, Truth
Please remember to book early for our private readings, First saturday of every month. Deposit of £3 required in advance.
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Thank you for visiting our site. May you be blessed with Love, Light and Happiness

Welcome to our Book of Absent Healing web page.

This page has been designed for the purpose of allowing people to still receive healing even if they are unable to attend our services.

If you , your family or friends wish to be included in the absent healing page please use the contact page, Selecting the drop down tag for absent healing.

Please remember the following in your prayers

Diana Prior
Bob Pearce
Alan Pattenden
Kathleen Foster
Adam Tinsley
Sara Tinsley
Brian Stock
Brenda Stock
Vivienne Bennett
Eric Ridgewell
Jo Smith
Wendy Gibb
Phillip Gibbson
Allen Reeder
Hollie Hodges
Linda Booth
Dawn creed
Sanjay Verma
Jeanne Bass
Julie Martin
Jordan Martin
Lorraine Knight's ( Mother )
Evelyn Watson
Jaimie Bennett
Ronald Capon
Rose Ostrom Rankin(Author & Friend)
Doreen Mansey
Subhash Saxena
Kieran Heavey
Anthony E John
Gail John
Aunty Joyce (Cardiff)
Uncle Rons Family
Terry (Viv)
Victoria stone
Chantel Waterman
Maureen Duggan
Leanne Brown
Jason Thomas
Pat Hurley